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If appropriate steps are not taken, you may find yourself open to an action for conversion (a civil action for damages for selling or using another person’s property). This can be costly and time consuming so it is important to ensure that adequate steps are taken and evidence of doing so is carefully recorded.

Manage mi Property have been instrumental in keeping our communal areas free from storage. Our site is a heavy tenanted development and residents had been keeping black bagged rubbish on the carpeted floor thereby staining the carpets. Residents also kept shoes outside their front doors, and chained bikes to balustrades. Manage mi Property attended and placed Torts Notices on all stored items giving residents 7 days to remove them. On the eighth day they returned and removed all items that had not been removed and sent us an inventory of all items that they had removed, and provided details of where they had stored them as well as the removal date and time. I recommend their service.

Fifield Glyn Chartered Surveyors

We had several cars parked in our car park some of which had their wind screens cracked and some had flat tyres and had been sat down for a long time because there were tufts of weed growth growing through the concrete paving joins. We instructed manage mi property to provide a full service. They served a Tort Notice on the vehicle for 14 days, and contacted DVLA for their owner’s details and wrote to advise them of the Tort. After the 14 days were up, with no response from the registered owners, they removed the vehicle to storage for a further 14 days. An owner contacted them during this period and arranged the collection of their vehicle.

London & Quadrant

The London Fire Brigade has recently warned that they have seen a huge spike in fires as a result of electric bikes and e-scooters. We recognise that electric bikes and e-scooters are becoming common modes of transport, and we request that these are stored and charged within your homes. It is advised that if they have to be charged inside your home, that they be placed on a hard surface, away from escape routes, in a room with a smoke alarm, and only charged when the user is awake and within the premises. If we see electric bikes or e-scooters in communal areas, they will be removed and disposed of immediately without prior notice. This is to keep all those living in the building safe.

Metropolitan Housing

What do you do with abandoned belongings?
Generally speaking, the owner of the land where those items are left becomes an involuntary ‘bailee’ under common law, with a duty to safeguard and look after those items for the owner. That is the case whether items have been left behind following the end of a tenancy. A common problem being items such as bikes and pushchairs left in communal areas such as corridors, landings and gardens used by all.

More clients trust Manage mi Property to meet their fire safety needs than any other. Will you be our next success story?

Helpful, Considerate, Friendly Service from the First Call!
"First spoke with Bernice on the phone and she was extremely helpful, considerate, and friendly. She took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions. Very impressed with their customer service ethic)" - JL

Manage mi Property are a total positive package, from their dedicated service desk and administrative team, accounting, to management. They have ensured that our communal areas are free from storage and are safe.